Java Browser Plugin Deprecates Finally By Officials

The terrible Java browser plugin is deprecating by Oracle finally. The officials introduced the plugin late bac in the ‘90s to bring app-like features to browsers. However, in recent years, it has been a headache to IT admins and users as they are struggling to fight against its mountain of security flaws and malware problems. Google and Microsoft have both called off support for Java applets in Chrome and Edge that leaves Safari and IE as the remaining alternative for people who wish to add java applications in their browser.

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Google expelled this technology required for Java Applications in September, and the latest Windows10 OS shipped with its Edge browser six months ago with no plugin support.Mozilla has released its plans to withdraw support for plugins like Silverlight and Java from Firefox by this year. And now, Oracle is planning to retire the support of Java browser plugin in its JDK 9 release due in September, 2016.

The software is exceptionally used to write programs that run in web browsers; however,officials found modern browsers were not properly functioning and were incompatible with it. This news brings smile to the faces in the IT world as they took this decision for sake of Java security.


Companies or businesses who Hire Scala Developers and java developers to revoke unauthentic access to java plugin will now be in peace. Yet the Java plugin isn’t dead immediately as they have decided to retire it in the next release of JDK, still officials are encouraging people not to use it. This is among those logical steps that should have been taken by officials earlier.

But as they say, “It’s never too late.” Java development community is happy to get this news. Developers and programmers are now left with great relief as there will be no hackers to target the most common plugin of Java.


As the plugin known for its huge security vulnerability, the biggest risk will get over. It’s the end of an era and your browser won’t ask if you wish to update Java.

It’s a bad day for all those hackers who used to access the Java plugin unethically for their good.


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