Java Consulting Experts Break the Myth about Heavy Weight of the Java EE

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Just in case you need more performance from your java EE app and latency giving you stress, read this article and find how java consulting experts break the myth about heavy weight of the Java EE.


People avoid using Java EE because they think it is heavyweight. Is it true? Asking such questions from java consultants, we got interesting answers. We would like to share them all with you.

Consultants believe that it is purely a myth that java is heavyweight. The latest servers from most of the java EE vendors have been re-constructed to be lighter weight on resources including CPU, memory, and disc footprint. Experts recently did some microservices implementation testing and many of those come in at under 50MB of RAM to run microservices based on Java EE. They have also streamlined the installation and configuration.


What are the side effects of this misconception?

The major effect of this myth is that some java EE developers will feel that they need to acquire more skills to build microservice based or cloud native architectures. This is not the actual case. Java EE developers are able to develop microservices in Java EE and run them on small footprint app servers with the help of skills they already have acquired before. This is the main message. .


What one can do about this misconception or its effect?

Java EE development community needs to acknowledge developers about what is possible with Java EE now. Experts need to promote the benefits of Java EE over other frameworks in that as all APIs and frameworkare offered by the Java EE runtime, developers can focus on developing their services and apps. Java EE deployment artifacts are small and need no 3rd party reliance simplifying packaging.


Java consulting professionals have intended this post to break the myth about Java EE that it is heavyweight. Still if any doubts remain or if any question is coming to your mind, ask it simply. You can write your query in your comments and let the experts respond to it via comment. This will help other readers to understand better. You can even ask queries related to java and java outsourcing. Just let the experts know about your doubts and let them work on it. Feedback for this post is open. You can tell anything that should have been included but we did not mention.

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