Java “The Most Powerful Programming Giant”

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Java as we all know is one of the most famous programming language recognized till date. It comes with a vast options for development with extra ordinary features. Java provides features which help users to develop secure and robust applications. Java is helpful in building a vast range of applications whether web applications, enterprise solutions, commercial and non-commercial soft wares etc. To add to it number of frameworks supported by java are present in market. These framework for java enterprise development comes with various salient features helpful in easy web and enterprise development. Some of these popular framework for java enterprise development are:

  • Java Server Faces (JSF)

JSF is a framework for java enterprise development used for web application. It is an integrated platform for java based web application providing rich user interface. It is basically a display technology formed by java community process. It simplifies the user interfaces by providing reusability of UI interfaces, it is completely based on MVC.


Some of the key benefits it provide are:

  • Reusable UI components
  • Creates easy data transfers between UI components
  • Implementation of custom components
  • Embed client side to server interface.

Popular among developers – The average popularity of JSF is 4 times the popularity of any other engine. With its usage raising to 8% against other frameworks which are used to a mark of 2%.

  • Angular JS

Angular JS is not exactly a framework for java enterprise development but uses Java Script as the scripting language for client side applications. It is basically used for single page Application Projects (S P A). It is an open source and free to use package. It is used by large number of developers for client side scripting for web development.


Some of the key benefits it provide are:

  • Powerful scripting language for rich internet applications.
  • Used for writing client side application using MVS (Model view controller)
  • Angular JS provides dynamic behavior to websites by supporting java script.
  • Spring MVC

Spring is another framework for java enterprise development which come with an open source license to use. It help and provide infrastructural support for java applications. The applications developed by Spring framework are robust in nature but this frame work helps in developing them easily by providing an integrated environment to use. It is a lightweight framework with about 2 megabytes size initially.


Some of the key features of Spring framework are:

  • Modularity: Spring offers modules in its support. It is collection of various libraries but only needed ones are imported and rest of them are ignored.
  • Easy testing: Testing spring made applications is easy due to its framework functionalities.
  • Easy exception handling: Java spring framework provides APIs for easy exception handling and errors thrown by JDBC.

These were some of the famous and most widely used java frameworks. These frame works are widely used for java Enterprise development and for developing java based web applications. Java enterprise development is mostly done by using these kind of frameworks as they provide integrated environment for easy and smooth development.

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