USA “The Expensive Hub for Java Development”

The world has changed a lot since introduction of various high end technologies. The whole world has been digitalized and computer technologies are taking over and providing solutions for most of the problems which humans have to face. All the problems are being solved through some line of codes, various programming languages are used for this purpose and Java is one of such versatile language. Since its introduction it has become the most widely used language all across the globe. Well the market for java is heavily distributed throughout the world but in USA it has reached some great highs over past few years. Java development has seen a massive boom since growth of technology. Most of the western countries like Germany, Russia and USA are the nations with a strong IT work force. Here we will focus especially on Java Development USA.

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AS Java is the most strongly placed technology known till date so most of the IT companies especially deals in java development. USA too being one of the tech hub in western globe too deals heavily in java development. There are lot of major IT companies (MNC) who have their head offices in USA. Even Google who uses Java for their open source operating system Android and its support libraries is one example of a big US based brand.

High salaries an Issue for Java development, USA.

USA based companies mostly work on big scale and have to pay their employees nicely as the US work force and developers charge at higher rates. This issue stands to be the biggest problem for development in US itself but to tackle this situation most of these MNCs have expanded their reach to various nations where they can get skilled work force for lower prices. The countries include the likes of India and other Asian parts as work force is available at lower cost in these Asian parts due to more educated, skilled but unemployed population.


The average Salary for a java developer in USA is $82,250 annually (55 lakh INR) which is nearly 7-8 times if compared to annual Indian developer salary. This is no doubt a big difference for the companies hence instead of going for Java development in USA itself the companies goes for more affordable options.

Companies Setting up more industries in Asia

As mentioned above the companies get benefited from Asian workforce and hence they are setting up more base stations in Asian countries. Setting up industries in Asia not only give them work force on cheaper rate but provide them a chance to get more business by exposure to more countries. They get the chance to do business with home as well as Asian countries too. Increasing business with cheaper workforce what more can any company demand off.


This explained all the reasons for major IT brands setting up business in most of the Asian countries especially India and how the companies are benefited by avoiding development in USA and other major Countries. Hope you find this article useful.

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